A simple, correct Python packaging build frontend.

build manages pyproject.toml-based builds, invoking build-backend hooks as appropriate to build a distribution package. It is a simple build tool and does not perform any dependency management.

python -m build

A simple, correct Python build frontend. By default, a source distribution (sdist) is built from {srcdir} and a binary distribution (wheel) is built from the sdist. This is recommended as it will ensure the sdist can be used to build wheels. Pass -s/–sdist and/or -w/–wheel to build a specific distribution. If you do this, the default behavior will be disabled, and all artifacts will be built from {srcdir} (even if you combine -w/–wheel with -s/–sdist, the wheel will be built from {srcdir}).

python -m build [-h] [--version] [--verbose] [--sdist] [--wheel] [--outdir PATH]
                [--skip-dependency-check] [--no-isolation | --installer {pip,uv}]
                [--config-setting KEY[=VALUE]]

python -m positional arguments

  • srcdir - source directory (defaults to current directory)

python -m options

  • -h, --help - show this help message and exit

  • --version, -V - show program’s version number and exit

  • --verbose, -v - increase verbosity (default: 0)

  • --sdist, -s - build a source distribution (disables the default behavior)

  • --wheel, -w - build a wheel (disables the default behavior)

  • --outdir PATH, -o PATH - output directory (defaults to {srcdir}/dist)

  • --skip-dependency-check, -x - do not check that build dependencies are installed

  • --no-isolation, -n - disable building the project in an isolated virtual environment. Build dependencies must be installed separately when this option is used

  • --installer INSTALLER - Python package installer to use (defaults to pip)

  • --config-setting KEY[=VALUE], -C KEY[=VALUE] - settings to pass to the backend. Multiple settings can be provided. Settings beginning with a hyphen will erroneously be interpreted as options to build if separated by a space character; use --config-setting=--my-setting -C--my-other-setting (default: None)


A pyproject-build CLI script is also available, so that tools such as pipx can use it.

By default build will build the package in an isolated environment, but this behavior can be disabled with --no-isolation.